Not All Scar Treatments are Created Equal

Scars are unique, and no single cream—over-the-counter or prescription—can possibly be the best treatment for everyone. Customized compound scar creams allow for physicians to utilize their professional knowledge in prescribing the best treatment for each individual, based upon each patient’s specific needs.

Custom scar solutions

Customized compound scar creams are made by mixing individual ingredients in the exact strength and dosage required by each patient. PracaSil™-Plus is the proprietary base cream for each unique compound. PracaSil™-Plus has been proven to help soothe, smooth, and soften scarred and damaged skin.

Beginning with this base, we add FDA-approved active ingredients, as recommended by your physician, to make certain that, whether you need greater or less strength, a specific dosage of a particular ingredient, or a formula free of ingredients that may cause allergies or sensitivities, your prescribed cream will be the perfect one for you.

Verified to help treat new scars, old scars, surgical scars, stretch marks and more…

We know, when it comes to reducing the appearance of your scars, you want positive-effective results that you can see.

In a recentstudy conducted by the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), Pracasil™-Plus-based creams were found to effectively  improve texture, pigment, and length of scar tissue.

Subjects in the trial displayed the following results:

  • 100% showed improvement in scar texture/smoothness
  • 74.3% experienced improvement in scar pigment intensity
  • 40% had a reduction in color intensity
  • 20% experienced reduction in scar length

Fast. Safe. Affordable.

Patients frequently ask if prescription compounded scar creams are FDA approved. The answer is both yes, and no. Because the FDA approval process is intended for mass-produced drugs processed by manufacturers, it is not required for compounds. Considering each compounded cream is personalized for individual patients, it is not possible for each formulation to go through the FDA’s specific process. However the FDA has stated that compounded prescriptions are both legal and ethical as long as they are prescribed by a licensed practitioner for a specific patient as well as compounded by a licensed pharmacy. With the FDA’s full approval, all compounding is regulated by state boards.

Diminishing your scars is as simple as talking to your physician.

Once your doctor has determined that a compounded scar cream is the right choice for you, getting your individualized treatment is simple. Your physician will send your prescription to the pharmacy, which in turn will bill your insurance. Your cream will then be mixed to your doctor’s specific orders, and sent directly to you each month.

No wait. No hassle. Within days you’ll be on your way to softer, smoother skin and reduced scars. All you need to do is use the product regularly and as instructed.

Since product efficacy is directly tied to shelf life, it’s very important to discard any unused cream at the end of each month and begin using the new bottle sent to you.

Finally, be patient. Results are lasting, but not immediate. In many cases it takes a full year to heal completely.